Downstairs in the Square: Our staff run thrift shop!

Downstairs in the Square: Our staff run thrift shop!

What's better than finding an Amazon package you don't remember ordering because you were shopping online after drinking? Waking up in a 90s retro outfit you got at Downstairs in the Square after a night out at Grendel's Den.

No need to wait for UPS to show up to start piecing the foggy bits of your night back together. And with prices as low as we have in our store you won't have to feel guilty at all, or at least not about how much money you've spent. Plus 80% of the sales go to help support our staff during this challenging time so you can feel extra good about your purchases, even if you can't quite figure out why you bought a glittery see through club shirt during a pandemic. 

Downstairs in the Square is a staff run thrift store pop-up in our restaurant! Clothes, accessories, purses, jewelry and shoes hailing from as far back as the 50s. The store also has a bunch of custom Grendel's Den swag like sweatshirts, t-shirts, home goods and more which you can by new. The store is open during our regular restaurant hours and will be up until we get to have a full dining room of tables again. So come on over and check out Downstairs in the Square! 

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