We're Hiring

We're Hiring

Grendel's Den in Cambridge, MA is celebrating our 50th year of business in 2021. We are a woman run restaurant and pub with historical status and the decor to match (huge patio, wooden bar, garden level brick walls, etc). We are looking for one or two amazing server/bartenders to join our team. As you might know by having visited us in the past, Grendel's has that old school "everybody knows your name" vibe with a special kind of Cantabrigian charm. We don't require uniforms, but we do require you to be your awesome, unique self always. 

The Who: We are looking for a very specific type of personality to work here. You don't need to be seasoned, but you do need to have hustle. You don't need to have years of fine dining experience, but you do need to know how to make people feel welcome and taken care of. We treat our regulars like friends here and you need to be the kind of person who wants to engage with folks, while also knowing how to tactfully flow from guest to guest to make sure everyone's needs are met. We don't care what you look like as long as your attitude is professional and you show up to work (preferably on time) ready to kick some serious service industry ass. 

The When: As we all know, the service industry is very unpredictable right now. Currently we are slow, but we expect to be VERY busy in the spring and summer (patio season) and we want to get you ready in advance of this. So while we won't be able to offer you a totally full schedule and millions of dollars right away, the opportunities are vast and you can make very good money here. We'd like for this person to get started right away, but we want to be as honest as possible about the current state. We'll also be offering regular Covid testing for all team members and doing our best to get our whole team vaccinated as soon as we get access. 

The How: Please reach out to our manager at abigail@grendelsden.com with a detailed cover letter describing how perfectly your personality fits here at Grendel's Den and an updated resume. Again, it's okay if you don't have a ton of service industry experience, we just need to know your work history. We are expecting a lot of responses so we may not get back to everyone and will reach out if we feel there's a fit. 

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