A People's History of Food & Drink: 5x10 In the Den Podcast

A People's History of Food & Drink: 5x10 In the Den Podcast

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we're launching a very special podcast series! A People's History of Food and Drink explores culture and community through a culinary lens, while wearing a pair of beer goggles. Season one, 5X10 In The Den, looks back at five decades of Harvard Square history as experienced by the people and patrons of the legendary Grendel's Den restaurant. Join our host, and history nerd, Daniel Berger-Jones as he celebrates Grendel's 50th anniversary with cocktail tutorials, cooking lessons and conversations with local legends, sharing stories that can only be heard in The Den.

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Episode 2.5: Bonus Content! Ever want to learn way more than you ever thought you might about Bruce Springsteen? Well we have the bonus content for you! The team at APHOFAD is taking a short break to celebrate the solstice, but we wanted to give you the gift of Springsteen, as told by our guest from the 1970s, Dean Rohrer.


Episode 2: the '80s aired Wed, Dec 15 and explores our famous Supreme Court case as well as some well loved cocktails and food from the era!


Episode 1 aired on Wednesday, Dec 8 and explores the groovy 70s! Get yourself a tall bottle (or short nip!) of Galliano, some vodka and some OJ and enjoy this episode with a Harvey Wallbanger, or three (find yourself a tutorial right here!). This episode begs the question, "do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?" Explore a unique (and possibly slightly inappropriate??) way to prepare Bavarian shish kabob and a whole lot more. 

The episode can be found right here. 


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