Odds Bodkin's Virtual Story Hour

Odds Bodkin's Virtual Story Hour

Hark! Could it be the dulcet tones of a harp we hear in the distance? Is that magic and mystery we sense in the air? This can only mean one thing. Master storyteller and bard, Odds Bodkin, is back for another Virtual Story Hour with Grendel's Den! 

On Sunday, February 28 at 5pm, we will be bringing Odds Bodkin's tale of Beowulf to you through the magic of Zoom. 

Beowulf: The Only One     

Odds Bodkin's latest epic tale, told with 12-string guitar music, is rugged, bloody and true to the original poem. Grateful to a Danish king for saving his father, a fearless Beowulf sails to Denmark to kill Grendel, a raiding demon. With Celtic harp extemporizations, Bodkin fills in the tale with some Viking history, including the Medieval Climate Optimum, even how Viking dragon ships  were water-proofed.

Zoom begins at 5pm and will conclude with a post-performance Q&A with the artist and Grendel's Den's own Kari Kuelzer.

A recording will be provided to ticket holders a few days after the performance.

You can enjoy his masterful storytelling in the comfort of your home, perhaps with a glass of mead in hand, or maybe just a big bowl of popcorn. While we wish we could bring you all into our cozy den, we aren't going to let the pandemic stop us from bringing Odds Bodkin to you.

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