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NOTE: These are a custom email order, please read below for further details

The bustling holiday season has always been a busy time at Grendel’s Den. While things may look different around here this year, we still want to provide that cozy Grendel’s experience to all. That’s why we’ve put together these Grendel’s Gift Boxes to share the gift of togetherness with those you love. Just take a look through these options, follow the ordering instructions and we will do the rest! Boxes are available around each holiday from Thanksgiving to New Years for pickup at the restaurant or delivery to the Greater Boston Area. 

Just email to order!


  • Deadline to order for week 1, Thanksgiving: 11/22
  • Deadline to order for week 2, Hanukkah: 12/6
  • Deadline to order for week 3, Christmas/Solstice/Kwanza/New Years: 12/20
  • Deliveries will be scheduled for Monday - Friday of each holiday week. Please indicate which holiday you want us to deliver. 
  • Delivery is free, but if you wish to select a specific date you may reserve a delivery time for an additional $25.

Cozy Night In: $48

With all the stress of 2020, we could all use a bit of quiet time. Give the gift of a nice, cozy, relaxing night in with a high quality 54 piece wooden puzzle, a pair of ultra warm slipper socks, a bar of decadent Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic chocolate, and some Grendel’s signature Street Mix. Add on a choice of a bottle of wine, 6-pack of beer, or a signature cocktail in a bottle with matching glassware. 

Hug in a Mug: $35

Hugs are a rarity right now, so send a Hug in a Mug to a person you love to show how much you care. This package comes with a stack of house-made marshmallows tucked inside a signature Grendel’s Den ceramic campfire mug with a container of Equal Exchange hot cocoa mix, a bar of decadent Equal Exchange chocolate, and a pair of cozy slipper socks to warm you from your head to your toes. Add On: bottle of spirits to the order for an extra kick, or a cozy hat or blanket. 

Picnic in the Park: $45

The perfect gift for your nature loving friends and family! This set comes with the coziest flannel picnic blanket made with a waterproof back to keep you comfy and a convenient handle, some insulating foam Koozies to keep your drink cold and your hands warm, chips and dip (choice of buffalo, onion, or salsa). Add On: a bottle of wine, 6-pack of beer, or one of our Grendel’s Signature Bottled Cocktails and matching glassware, a fleece blanket, hat or beanie

Pedro’s Perfect Picnic: $35

Named after Grendel’s Owner Herbie’s dog Pedro, this is the perfect gift for your pet loving friends and family! This set comes with the coziest flannel picnic blanket made with a waterproof back for maximum doggie snuggle time, a collapsible silicone water or food bowl, and some delicious house-made Grendel’s Doggie Biscuits! Add on: fleece blanket, hat or beanie 

Parent’s Time Out: $45

For the growing family in your life. Every parent needs a moment of peace and quiet to themselves and we are here to help. This package comes with two super soft and cozy Grendel’s onesies in several sizes from newborn up to a year, some crunchy house-made Grendel’s snack mix to scarf down between diaper changes, and some chocolate to shove in your face while you are standing in the shower trying not to cry. Add On: your choice of a bottle of wine, 6-pack of beer, or signature cocktail in a bottle with matching glassware for when the baby finally goes down for the night. 

Grendel’s in a Box: $30

Take home the Grendel’s experience for the holidays. 1 House-Made Street Mix, 1 Grendel’s Signature dressing, dip or sauce. 1 house blended cocktail mixer. Add On: 1 bottle of wine, 6-pack of beer, or 1 bottled cocktail with matching glassware. 

Dress You Up in Grendel’s: $86

For that Grendel’s uber fan in your life because you know you have one. This package comes with 1 Grendel’s Iconic Black T-shirt with original logo, 1 extra cozy Grendel’s embroidered beanie, 1 Grendel’s face mask, 2 Grendel’s foam Koozies and your choice of either 1 fleece embroidered blanket or 1 ultra soft Grendel’s Crew sweatshirt. 

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